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Strengthen your learning ecosystem

Creating sustainability and thriving for innovation – both are pillars of successful brands, and both are based on the constant development of skills and excellence in education.

Our partners build their corporate learning ecosystems to achieve sustainablity and innovation and to prepare their workforce for current and future challenges in technology.

We support our partners as successful drivers of employment and skills development in local markets and in the promotion of learning and education as key factors for progress through joint projects.

Children working on desk with soldering equipment.

Project partners

Create or support skills development projects for specific vocations or technology fields in regions relevant to your business.

Use our global and interdisciplinary network of experts to create impactful projects.

Aligned with the United Nations‘ sustainable development goals, all projects are designed to solve specific problems and to create progress for companies and individuals.

Foundation partners 

Support us in developing innovative education and skills development projects all over the world.

Help us promote and develop innovative education and skills projects all over the world.

Be a driving force in our movement that empowers people and regions through life-long learning and education.