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Healthabitat Sanitation Studio


Safe disposal of human waste - Dinajpur, 2013.

The Bangladesh Sanitation Studio focuses on construction of trial washing and toilet facilities with waste water treatment in villages and towns in the north of the country near Jelepara, Sundarabon and Dinajpur. Two completed toilet and waste water systems, evaluated over six months, have become prototypes for an ongoing village sanitation program.

The project is supported by the local NGO SAFE Bangladesh (Simple Action For the Environment), the Department of Architecture at BRAC University (Dhaka) and Krom Architecture. WorldSkills Foundation has supported the participation of Troy Everett (Australia) – WorldSkills Chief Expert for Bricklaying – and Daniel Rattigan (Ireland) – Medallion for Excellence in Plumbing and Heating, WorldSkills London 2011 – in the project.